Ghana's Unity Must Now Work For Ghana - CPP



The Convention People’s Party (CPP) acknowledges and shares in the sentiments expressed by President John Mahama on the 15th August to all Ghanaians for the unity shown during the funeral of President John Millsand the need to continue to stand united, and to move forward as one.

We also agree that Ghana has made some strides but note that the suffering of the vast majority of our people continues unabated.

The CPP believes in the unity of Ghana, reason for which we fought for a unitary state and promoted a well-craftededucational system whichsought  to eliminate inequality and foster a true National identity.

The CPP has always believed in the politics of tolerance, fairness, compassion, humility, decency as evidenced in our history and reiterated in our New Year message which called for a campaign devoid of insults, character assassination or violence.

Ghana’s unity will become meaningful if used to transform the fortunes of the majority of our people in the delivery of services, jobs, social housing, better education, meeting the health needs of our people, social protection and moving our economy from a peasant agricultural one into an industrialised one.

As a party our vision is to “establish in Ghana a strong society in which no one will have any anxiety about the basic means of life, about work, food and shelter; where poverty and illiteracy and disease is brought under control and where our educational facilities provide all the children of Ghana with the best possible opportunities for the development of their potentialities.”
These are the tangibles that Ghanaians have been denied over the last 46 years and for which the CPP remains committed to deliver as part of its S-Cubed Programme to make Ghana work again.

Ghana Must Work Again …… Yabre !!!


          Nii Armah Akomfrah

          Director of Communication