Our Track Record

Freedom and independence from the colonial rule was won in 1957 by the CPP government lead by Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah; CPP Government's achievements since independence and 1966 are listed below:

1. The Harbour
2. Construction And Building Of Tema Housing Complex
3. Permanent Tema And Accra Motorway (The only Motoway in Ghana till now)
4. Akosombo Dam (Providing Electricity & Waterways)
5. Accra International Airport Refurbishment
6. Ghana Airways Corporation (sold by NPP and cant be accounted for)
7. Cape Coast University
8. Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology (Knust)
9. University Of Legon Update, Accra
10. Compulsory Free Education For All Citizens ( Now fee paying for all)
11. Ghana Mass Education (Now Children selling on the streets)
12. Free Medical Care For Everyone (Now cash and carry)
13. Polytechnics And Techinical For All Regions
14. Okomfo Anokye Hospital
15. Ghana Medical School
16. National Cultural Center
17. Largest Man Made Dam, Volta River
18. Hundreds Of Scholarships For Ghanaians To Study Abroad (Now for Whom you Know )
19. Silos For Food Preservation, (Become White Elephant and Rice is being Imported whit hard erned Forign currency)
20. Tema Food Complex, Gihoc (Sold by PNDC)
21. Ghana Film Industries (Sold by PNDC)
22. Bank Of Ghana
23. Investment Banks
24. Ghana Commercial Bank
25. New Army Headquarters In Volta Region, Sunyani, Bolgatanga, Tema And Takoradi
26. Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
27. Ghana Distilleries
28. Ghana Shoe Factory
29. Ghana Jute Factory
30. Tomato Processing Factory, Wenchi (Sold by NPP)
31. Diary Farms At Amrahia And Avatime
32. Match Factory, Kade, Pwalugu (Left to Rot)
33. Ghana Glass Factory, Abuoso And Tarkwa (Left to Rot)
34. Gold Processing Factory, Prestia (Sold by NDC & NPP)
35. Meat Processing Factory, Bolgatanga
36. Organisation Of African Unity And Progressive Foreign Affairs Around The World
37. Hard Cash Purchase Of Houses For Ghana High Commission E.G. New York And London
38. Ghana Black Star Starline With Almost Fifteen Ships (Sold by PNDC)
39. Akasanoma Radio Factory (Sold by PNDC)
40. Paper Processing Factory ( Sold by PNDC)
41. GIHOC (Nsawam Cannery) (Sold by PNDC)
42. Ghana Cement Factory, Takoradi
43. Ghanum, (Ghana Household Utilities Manufacture, Sekondi-Efiekum)
44. Valco Tema Steel Factory
45. Ghana National Trading Corporation (Sold by PNDC)
46. State Hotels (Star, Meridian, Ambassador, Continental, Atlantic, City Hotel) (Sold by PNDC)
47. Cocoa Marketing Board
48. Catering Rest House (Sold by PNDC)
49. Trade Union Congress (TUC)
50. Farmers Council
51. Workers Brigade (Killed NLC)
52. Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (Killed NLC)

These are some of the reasons why you should vote for CPP, together we will get it right and

As you are reading some of the achievement by the CPP Government you were asking yourself why you have not heard of most of the names. The reason is simple, since the overthrow of Nkrumah's government the previous administrations have either sold some of the institutions or factories to their cronies. Lack of maintenance and mismanagement have collapsed most the
companies. As you are reading this page the country is in darkness. The Golden age of business has become the Golden age of Darkness. Most of the trees and forests which shelters Akosombo Dam have been deforested and lack of maintenance, hence the darkness.