Communications Policy

The Convention People’s Party is gearing itself for interesting times ahead as it prepares for a general election in November 2016. The first internal communications policy has been developed as a result of an internal communications practices study conducted in February 2016, with the support of the UNDP. The study pointed out that there is more work to do on internal communications to ensure Party members and staff feel better informed and engaged. This policy is a result of that observation. It is very important that that party members, departments, organs and stakeholders are fully engaged in and understand the purpose of the CPP, its messages, policies and programmes, and the role they will play in it. The current focus of this strategy is to greatly enhance internal communication and amongst and between all sections of the Party until 2021. The internal communications and engagement strategy is presented in six sections:

• Where we are now—two sections are dedicated to reviewing the CPP’s guiding principles, ideology, pledge and purpose and organisational structure.

• Where we want to be—three sections are dedicated to developing the Party’s internal communications policy and how the Party intends to communicate internally. They also show how our actions will support key drivers, such as our vision, strategic plan, member engagement and the overall Party strategies.

• How we will measure success—the last section is dedicated to monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and tools.

Download Full Communication Policy below: