Legalize Galamsey But Save Our Water Bodies And Reclaim Our Lands– Greenstreet

The Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, recently said Obuasi oranges were only sweet because of the high cyanide content in them. According to data, the acidity of the oranges exceeded WHO standard requirements by hundred percent. The health risk of the oranges stems from the environmental pollution of mining activities. He also said that recently, NPP and NDC in Parliament agreed to reduce the amount of taxes and royalties we receive from Goldfields Ghana. Again the Public Accounts Committee also recently discovered that multi-national gold companies have been remitting all their foreign exchange abroad in contravention of their foreign exchange agreements.“…What was the point of being called Gold Coast and having all this Gold in our soil extracted by foreign companies all these years without us having to show anything for it as a people? he asked. “…If we were earning what we deserve from our gold and our oil and our gas, electricity would not be expensive, education would not be expensive, health would not be expensive, our roads would be better and our people would not be suffering such hardship. We will renegotiate all agreements in our natural resource sector to earn more revenue for the nation. CPP is for economic independence. We will also regularise/legalise galamsey…as galamsey is not a law and order situation but a socio-economic one” Greenstreet added. He said that galamsey had vast potential for employment creation and making money which stays in Ghana. This would also reduce crime.  He said, under a CPP government, district assemblies would be authorised to certify and regulate galamsey operations. All district assemblies where galamsey operations took place would also be given bulldozers and other necessary equipment to reclaim the land. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agencies at the district level would be enhanced to give training and greater supervisory power.  The use of cyanide would also be banned in all mining operations thus saving our water bodies from pollution.   He made these remarks in Konongo, as part of his 7 day Ashanti Region tour, where Patrick Ofosu, the 2016 Parliamentary candidate for Asante Akyem Central was introduced. Present was the Regional Chairman – Emmanuel Gallo and a large animated crowd who wore party paraphernalia.