The Presidential Candidate of the CPP, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet has demanded that the PURC should ensure justice for the ordinary Ghanaian in billing.

This is in respect of the fine the PURC is said to have slapped on the Electricity Company of Ghana ECG for allegedly causing Ghanaians to pay more than they should be paying for electricity supply.

The CPP is demanding that the PURC come clear on this as the slap of the fine itself does not in any way bring relief to the over exploited Ghanaian. The meeting of this demand, he said would offer the already choked Ghanaian the needed justice in billing accountability.

Complaints have often been raised by a number of Ghanaians for over pricing and over billing. These complaints reached their crescendo during the dark days of ‘dum – sor.’ Whiles languishing in darkness Ghanaians were made to pay exorbitant fees for no supply both at the Pre-paid and Post-paid meter levels.

“PURC’s statement on the fine is not only vague but fails to seek justice for the general population who have suffered exploitation and injustice from the Ghana Electricity Company.” In his view the PURC therefore owed Ghanaians the duty to provide further and better particulars on their action.
To him, for the ordinary Ghanaian, the following questions demand answers:
1. How and when did the PURC ascertain that the ECG was over-billing Ghanaians?
2. What are the margins of overbilling for the various categories of meters we have in the system?
3. How much is the fine and what would the actual victims of the reason for the fine get from it?
4. Who is going to be the beneficiary of the fine? Is it the PURC which is a part of the very Executive the ECG works to or the Ghanaian whose money has been over paying?
5. Is it the case that the ECG was reporting itself or the PURC actually detected the overcharging?

The Ministry of Power which has oversight of the ECG “must take full responsibility and make sure that things work in the interest of the Ghanaian. It has been some months now since the Ministry promised to ensure that the software issues in the same billing system would be corrected with refunds or reimbursement yet no one has been compensated for this overcharging.” He said.

These observations were made by Mr Greenstreet during his “apam foforͻ” tour of the Brong Ahafo region specifically from Atebubu Amantin. “Apam foforͻ” anchors on; the restoration of Hope to the despairing and doubting Ghanaian of the NDC and NPP respective regimes over the past 24years who have claimed regions as their ‘world banks’ yet do nothing for the people who live there; the Oneness and Unity of Ghana as one inseparable people who should live with love, sincerity and responsiveness; giving the Ghanaian greater control over their natural resources, economic lives and activity; ensuring that the youth and women take their proper places in the build-up of a fair-sharing wealthy Ghana full of opportunity for all; making land available to all hardworking Ghanaians regardless their status in society.