Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah Is Above NDC Local Propaganda

The Youth League of the Convention Peoples Party, would like to draw public attention to a misinformed youth group in the NDC calling themselves Kwame Nkrumah Inspired Citizens Movement who at their Press Conference at the International Conference Centre on November, 14th, 2012 declared their support for President Mahama and recently posited that, “President John Mahama is capable of implementing Nkrumah’s Seven (7) year development plan”.

The desperation to win the pending general elections at all cost by the NDC seems to be driving the obsessive desire to mislead the electorates into accepting misinformation, mediocrity and local propaganda.

Just as Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah said “We have a duty to speak for Africa”, The Youth of CPP equally has the responsibility to defend the legacy and impeachable records of Nkrumah’s CPP.

This group as any other in Ghana has the right under our constitution to associate and express their opinion on national matters, but they must not hide under the banner of an African Personality - Kwame Nkrumah- worthy of honour to promote blatant falsehood.

Let it be known to all discerning Ghanaians that, no evidence in the past from the PNDC, NDC1 under His Excellency J.J. Rawlings through late President Evans Atta Mills is sufficient to justify the assertion that President John Mahama is capable of implementing the CPP’s Seven Year Development Plan.

We would like to inform Ghanaians that the NDC government indeed initiated, supervised, ensured and even benefited in the unjustified sale and disposal of State Owned Factories and Enterprises when President John Mahama was an active member of government.

Earlier, this propaganda group claims to have been frightened by NPP flag bearer Nana Addo’s declaration at the recently held IEA Presidential debate that his party manifesto would become the basis for proceeding on the National Development Agenda. Instead, they insist on the CPP’s seven year development plan which took a more bipartisan approach and is still very much relevant today.


While we agree with them in that regard, their support for the NDC leaves us very much convinced that this NDC group is completely misinformed and misguided; because if they are not, they would have known that Nkrumah’s Convention People’s Party (CPP) is in a struggle to ensure this aspiration in spite of tied hands and feet, to ensure the full and total manifestation of the Ghana that it has always envisaged.


Are they not misinformed and misguided they would have known that the NDC is an anti Nkrumaist party. Merely relocating the place of burial of the founder, introducing a new currency with his image on it, declaring his birthday a national holiday and mouthing his name in vain does make one Nkrumaist.

They would have known that it is the founder of their party that toppled the last Nkrumaist government. They would have known that the NDC led the de-industrialization project against the people of Ghana in favour of the IMF World Bank and the Bretton Woods Institution, selling and collapsing more than 300 state owned companies, some of which were sold to their friends and cronies.

Nobody would have told them that whilst it is in order to prevent the NPP from assuming the reins of power, the replacement or in this instance, the entrenchment they seek is only but a continuation of the neo-colonial enterprise that the CPP is still fighting so hard against.

The President Mahama they would have us believe is the saviour is the same man that was first to declare open support for the murderers of Great Libyan Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi. It is this same president that helped efforts and sold our whole agricultural sector in the Bio Safety Act, the same president that bypassed the people of Ghana to Korea in search of people to come and build houses for us and when it did not work bypassed us again to South Africa; the same president who sees nothing wrong with signing our lives away in the Economic Partnership Agreement in betrayal of the ECOWAS bloc.

In a classic drama to unfold how a butterfly would be pretending to be a bird, we are aware that the current leadership of the NDC will in the coming days move to denounce Jerry John Rawlings as the founder of the NDC and declare the party Nkrumaist.

These are the precursors with which the NDC seeks to occupy a space and realm they know they do not belong.

Let us state here and now that the CPP is the only mecca of all true Nkrumaists and any attempt to change this would not work. We are told in an Akan proverb that if you cannot accept the gums that line your teeth you must know that that is all your tongue can get to lick so long as you live. Clearly, the NDC knows they have an inferior political tradition; if they are no longer proud of it the sensible thing to do is to walk out of it and join hands with a force whose record they admire.

Today, the CPP is the fastest growing political force in Ghana with an overwhelming youthful population who wish to serve their country at their most productive ages. In spite of all these treachery, the party has managed to stand firm and unobstructed by the forces of darkness set against it. But we are still winning. Let the NDC be told that they must have succeeded in stealing our party colours and adding black, they must have succeeded in stealing our slogans but they will certainly not succeed in stealing the truth.

Dr. Sakara and the Samia Nkrumah led CPP will certainly triumph. If those misguided and misinformed elements in the NDC would lift their heads from the sands or corruption and funds exacted from state departments like GIPC to fund their despicable activities, all in avoiding the truth, Dr. Abu Sakara and the CPP is who can best address their concerns; not the man and party who have shown an overriding commitment in the paying of Judgment debts than the offer of Free education as proposed by the CPP.

Ghana Must Work Again ….Yabre!   

Ernesto Yeboah    

CPP Youth League