CPP Calls for New Direction - Hand Over Speech By Samia Nkrumah

The main thrust of the CPP Leadership over the last few years has been to clarify our ideological position on issues of national interest that impact on the lives of the Ghanaian. Our concern has been that the economic direction Ghana has taken over the last few decades is in conflict with the aspirations of a decolonized people who desire to raise our living standards and gain control over our economy.

We are calling for a new direction that will free us to develop our industries and invest in manufacturing and agriculture.

Ghana Must Reject UPOV 91

UPOV 91 (International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants) is a legal convention that protects plant breeders when they create new varieties of plants. It does not protect the plants; rather it protects Intellectual Property Rights of the breeders. International agribusiness corporations want countries to pass UPOV 91-compliant laws because it means huge profits for those companies.